Garage Floor Systems

Bring some beauty and durability to your garage with the fantastic flooring systems from TGG Garage. We provide a wide range of garage flooring that is certain to be a worthwhile investment in your property. Whether it is for a residential property or a commercial showroom, our high-quality epoxy flooring is the perfect way to protect your space from heavy traffic and daily wear.

We offer a variety of styles and colors, and we are happy to provide garage floor ideas for any budget. To find out more and to schedule our services, give us a call today at (615) 302-0006.


Personalized Garage Floor Coating

We strive to deliver long-lasting results on every job we take. Rather than taking a one size fits all approach, we aim to work with your ideas and the design of your space to create a gorgeous and functional addition to your property. Our wide range of products means that we can choose a design that both complements your home and fits within your budget. Our attentive and friendly contractors are easy to work with and will help you create a garage flooring system that you will love for years to come.

Heavy Duty Garage Coating

It is safe to say that not all flooring is created equal. When it comes to your garage, you need a floor system that can stand up to the wear and tear of vehicle traffic. Fortunately, you have come to the right place, as floors don't get much tougher than the high-quality coatings from TGG Garage. We use some of the best products available to create a garage floor that is the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance.

Affordable Garage Flooring Options

Our dedication to our clients is visible in more than just the quality of our work—we also go above and beyond to provide our exceptional work at competitive rates. No matter what your budget may be, we will work with you to find a perfect solution for your garage floor. Our upfront and honest rates guarantee that your new flooring system will be a worthwhile investment.

Knowledgeable Garage Flooring Experts

We have a comprehensive knowledge of all the flooring options that we offer, which makes us a great resource if you have been thinking about installing a new garage floor. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns about our various products and help you confirm that we are the best team for the job. We do not use any materials that we do not fully understand, so you can always count on getting an authoritative approach to your flooring installation.

Over 10 Years of Garage Flooring Experience

Having been creating exceptional garage floors for over a decade, TGG Garage is a name you can trust for high-quality installations. Whether you are building a new garage or looking to replace your existing floor, you can't go wrong with our seasoned team of professionals. With many successful projects and a consistent output, you can feel confident when we are on the job knowing that we have the experience to back up our promises.

A Better Floor

Our ultra safe, non-stick floors can stand up to ANY challenge!

At 40mm thick, our proprietary Liquid Armor CommercialTM floor systems are TWICE AS THICK & longer lasting than standard polyaspartic floors. Our Liquid Armor 1-dayTM and Liquid Armor CommercialTM floor systems aren't just the best for the money... They're the best you can get.

Let us build a custom floor system for you!

Experts in: Polyaspartic • Polyurea • Epoxy • Quartz • Metal Flake • Metallic Floor Systems • Urethane

High-Quality Epoxy Floor Systems

Our epoxy and metallic epoxy flooring are a great way to enhance your garage and make it truly stand out. Not only that, but there are also several other benefits to our garage floor systems that will make them a great addition to your property for many years.

Highly Durable

Garage floors put up with a lot, but luckily our floors are built to last. We are confident that our tough flooring systems will be able to handle whatever you can throw at them while retaining their luster. No matter what type of work you do in your garage, you can always depend on our installations to stand strong for a long time.

Easy to Maintain

Thanks to the glossy finish of our flooring systems, they are extremely simple to maintain. Almost any substances that you spill on your floor can be wiped away with ease, so you never have to worry about getting unsightly stains or blotches on your new floor. Not only that, but since our resin floors are seamless, there is no chance for mold or bacteria to form in the cracks.

Slip Resistant

Our various flooring systems are impervious to moisture and they are a great way to safeguard against slip and fall accidents. We guarantee that our high-quality floors will give you the traction you need to feel completely safe while working in your garage.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Our garage floor installations deliver great functionality, with the added benefit of looking amazing. With many different options, such as quartz flooring and metallic flake flooring, we are certain that we have something that will take the appearance of your garage to the next level.

Swift Installations

Another benefit of the materials that we use is how fast they can be installed. Depending on the scale of your project, many of our flooring installations can be completed in as little as one day. If you are looking to get a new garage floor without an excessive turnaround time, then TGG Garage is the team for you.

Get a Beautiful Garage Floor in Record Time

When searching for a new garage floor, getting the best results doesn't have to mean extended wait times. We pride ourselves on our efficient work and quick turnaround times. We can give you a stunning garage flooring system in as little as one day. Our time in the industry and dedication to our clients has given us the ability to provide impressive project completion times without ever affecting the quality of our work.

Garage Flooring Experts with a History of Excellence

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Of course, we can tell you about the benefits of our garage flooring systems all day, but you don't just have to take our word for it. Over our time in the industry, we have sustained an impressive track record of high-quality work and created a great number of satisfied clients. Check out our gallery to see some of our completed projects and to get a feel for what we can offer you.


All colors available in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 inch flake


Metallic Floor Systems available in a wide variety of colors


Tidal Wave


Trail Mix



Wild Dove

Wombat 1.4

Wombat 1.16







Brown Sugar


Cabin Fever



Cashmere 1.4






Creekbed 1.4

Creekbed 1.16



Domino 1.4

Domino 1.16

Domino 1.32


Feather Gray




Gravel 1.4

Gravel 1.16



Honey Comb



Madras 1.4

Madras 1.16



Moon Mist

Nightfall 1.4

Nightfall 1.16

Nordic Green



Orbit 1.4

Orbit 1.16


Outback 1.4

Outback 1.16








Sand Dollar


Sea Crest




Shoreline 1.4

Shoreline 1.16

Silver Bells




Stoney Creek




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