Garage Floor Coating in Franklin

Your garage floors see a lot of traffic in the run of a day. From the feet of colleagues and visitors to the weight of heavy-duty equipment and shipments, your floors get put to the test on a daily basis.

If you want to make sure your garage floors have the protective coating they need, we suggest that you contact TGG Garage. Our coatings ensure durability, safety, and an overall aesthetic improvement. What’s more, we offer our services at an incredible rate.

Request Franklin’s most sought-after floor team today. Our phone number is (615) 302-0006, and we cannot wait to hear from you.

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Your Favorite Floor Coating Company

Over the years, we have established ourselves as leaders in the world of concrete floor paint and epoxy coatings. We add durability to floors and increase the overall safety of the work environment. With this service comes our patented approach to customer service.

When you work with us, you get our 2-part component coatings and a customer experience like no other. We value our clients, and we make sure they realize that.

With our services, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Up-front and written quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizable coatings
  • Fast turnarounds on coatings
  • Full suite of garage-related services
  • And more

As a full-service garage company, we understand all the challenges that garage and shop owners face on a daily basis. This understanding has pushed us to seek the finest coatings and the best application methods. Rest assured, our team will give you the protection you need. Call us today to learn more.

A Decade of Improving Garages

Experience counts for a lot in this business. With a decade of accolades and experience to our name, it is safe to say we are more than qualified for the task at hand. Rest assured, whether you want an anti-slip coating or something that prioritizes aesthetics, we can be of assistance. All you have to do is contact us.

Find the Perfect Floor Coating

No two garages are the same. Some are susceptible to shoe-scuffing, while others provide the foundation for intense mechanic equipment. Our concrete paints and floor sealers protect your investment from just about everything—and that is no exaggeration.

Fast Turnarounds on Epoxy Coating Application

No garage can endure too much downtime. As business owners ourselves, we understand this better than anybody. That is why we always stay on schedule when applying concrete paint and epoxy coatings. Rest assured, we always honor deadlines. What’s more, we honor deadlines while still providing premium services. See the difference a little professionalism can make.

Coat Your Garage Floor Today

When the time comes to add some extra sheen and an increased sense of safety to your garage floor, we hope you think of us. With our years of experience and our industrial-grade equipment, we are the team for you.

Turn those floors into a durable surface, ready to take on whatever you choose to throw at it. Request our services by calling (615) 302-0006 today.